13 October 2020


Since 1 July 2020, I have been selling a limited-edition run of my hand-drawn run-by-run retelling of of the 2019 World Cup final. The limited edition is 512 prints, one for every run scored in the final. Each print is individually signed and uniquely numbered. 440 have been sold, and there are 72 left. I’d love to sell them, so I am making a special offer to The Nightwatchman subscribers.

There is now a 10% discount including tracked delivery to a UK address. You can order your print with a credit card or debit card using the safe and secure PayPal button below.


How to order

Ordering and payment is done through PayPal. Click Add to Cart and a separate PayPal window should open. For multiple quantities, just keep clicking Add to Cart and the PayPal window should automatically refresh with the updated quantities.

Select size

Quality and manufacture

The prints have been made using a professional-standard Canon Prograf PRO-6000S large format printer using an eight-colour process. The inks are Lucia Pro pigment inks, with a light fastness of 80 years (i.e. behind glass) and a gas fastness of 50 years (i.e. without glass). The paper is brilliant matte 120 gsm high-quality non-recycled stock.

What people have said

It is a thing of beauty. My children will love it when they see it. 
Richard Fidler

Absolutely perfect. Exactly as it was from where we were sitting. 
Clive Wood

It is so beautiful and I absolutely love it.
Bradley Adams

It arrived today. It will be hung prominently as a daily reminder.
Adam Carroll

An excellent addition to the office wall. Many thanks! 
Gary Shankland

A massive thank you for this. It is even more incredible in person. 
Jack Tindall

I am really happy with it. Exactly what I wanted. 
Alex Diggles

It is absolutely superb.
Andy Humphreys

It has arrived and looks a beauty. Thanks very much.
David Morgan

What an awesome anniversary gift. This will take pride of place. 
Thomas Blaza

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