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It's over 20 years since I scored a cricket match in its entirety, and the coronavirus lockdown saw me putting pen to paper at last, to create this beautiful hand-drawn sheet describing the 2019 CRICKET WORLD CUP FINAL in colourful ball-by-ball detail. Thanks to the advice of Jack Russell, the encouragement of many of my colleagues in the cricket media, not least George Dobell, Dan Norcross, Alison Mitchell and Jarrod Kimber, and the support of the ECB and the England cricket team, I was able to produce a sell-out edition.

This item is no longer available.


This was a signed limited edition print. Only 512 were made (the number of runs scored in the match) and all were signed and uniquely numbered.


Every England player in the 2019 World Cup squad had one, and I'm particularly grateful to Danny Reuben, Eoin Morgan and Jonny Bairstow for their help and support.

A promise is a promise. A limited edition is a limited edition. This scoresheet will not be made available again, but you might be interested in the double print showing the 2017 and 2019 finals which is available here.

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